NEW 55+ Reverse Mortgages

NEW 55+ Proprietary Reverse mortgages for values starting at $400,000!

Brand new products to market now serve the 55 and older market with more options from proprietary reverse mortgage lenders!  These products are a great alternative to the typical FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, especially for those who are too young to qualify for the government loan, yet still see the benefit of getting a reverse mortgage for improving cashflow and having access to cash in this volatile market.


It is an excellent alternative to a HELOC and to the FHA HECM…

  • Provides a reusable line of credit that grows over time
  • Can be used with home values from $400,000 to $4,000,000.
  • Has non-recourse protection… you remain on deed, yet there are no personal guarantees as on typical loans
  • Features MUCH lower upfront costs with NO mortgage insurance premium at very comparable rates
  • Can be successfully closed using easier income qualifications
  • Requires no monthly mortgage payments
  • Contains all the borrower benefits and safeguards of a standard reverse mortgage program
  • Have less stringent eligibility requirements for condos

Where are we seeing the most growth in this great new loan?  Those with equity in their current home but getting priced out of the new home market due to the run up in home values are finding they can go much higher in purchase prices for even less money out of pocket.  No monthly mortgage obligation plus a nicer home than they could otherwise afford.

With more product choices than ever, proprietary reverse programs for line of credit, lump sum payout, reverse mortgages for purchase, and flexible condo solutions, there are now more programs than ever geared to help you age more comfortably.

New 55 Older Couple

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